Skinner/Kim Romance
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Nocturne in Black and Gold by frogdoggie 193K
Rating: NC-17
Classification: SR
Summary: Walter Skinner finally meets the right woman, Kimberly Cook, and takes a second trip down the aisle. But as in anything there are issues.
Prequel to Waltz For Four in Three Quarter Time

Of Showers and Secrets by Maidenjedi 9K
Rating: PG
Classification: Implied Kim/Skinner
Summary: Like I couldn't tell she was getting thick around the middle.

On the 17th Floor Balcony by Kristen K2 1K
Rating: PG
Classification: Implied Skinner/Kim
Summary: Kim looks to the stars for lessons.

Phantom Pain by Kristen K2 10K
Rating: PG
Classification: Jeffrey/Kim, implied Skinner/Kim
Summary: They aren't star-crossed lovers kept apart by a cruel twist of fate; even from the hazy distance of memory, dating Kim was awkward and rushed and full of embarrassing gaffes.

Ready Made Family by Kyouryoku Senshi 26K
Rating: PG-13
Classification: Scully/Skinner/Kim friendship
Summary: The consequence of Kim and Skinner's past throws a wrench between them. Will another surprise bring them back together or will they drift further and further apart?

Secret Admirer by Kristen K2 76K
Rating: NC-17
Classification: S
Summary: Kimberly's got a secret admirer.
Prequel to Secret No More

Secret No More by Kristen K2 61K
Rating: NC-17
Classification: MSR and baby fic
Summary: Skinner's got a dilemma, and he gets help from unexpected sources.
Sequel to Secret Admirer

Showers, Agents and Videotape by Deenalynn 21K
Rating: PG-13
Classification: Mulder/Scully UST, Skinner/Kim UST
Summary: Mulder and Skinner see something never meant for their eyes.

Thirty Years of Tears by Kristen K2 42K
Rating: NC-17
Classification: Angst, discipline
Summary: Skinner struggles with losing his sight.
Prequel to To Sir, With Love

To Sir, With Love by Kirsten K2 15K
Rating: NC-17
Classification: A lot of angst
Summary: A glimpse into a working relationship.
Sequel to Thirty Years of Tears

Total Confusion by Billie Reid 52K
Rating: R for language
Classification: AU
Summary: What would happen if something was taken the wrong way?

Undercover Miracle by Billie Reid 51K
Rating: PG-13
Classification: S
Summary: An undercover assignment puts them in danger of life and future.

Waltz For Four in Three Quarter Time by frogdoggie 370K
Rating: NC-17
Classification: SR
Summary: Walter and Kim are happily married and decide to start a family. Problems occur.
Sequel to Nocturne in Black and Gold

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