Skinner/Kim Romance
Titles A-M

A Challenging Life by Billie Reid 64K
Rating: PG-13
Classification: S
Summary: When things keep happening can Kim and Walter over come them?

Christmas to Remember by Billie Reid 7K
Rating: PG
Classification: S
Summary: The miracle of Christmas.

Christmas Traditions by Kristen K2 27K
Rating: PG
Classification: S
Summary: Skinner contemplates what Christmas means to him.

Cinderfella by Donnilee 44K
Rating: NC-17
Classification: S
Summary: Kim changes Walter's mind about the benefits of attending black tie events.

Climb the Highest Mountain by Ursula 53K
Rating: R
Classification: Skinner/Kim/Kryceck, Slash
Summary: Kim Cook's husband, Walter Skinner, falls ill with a mysterious disease only one man can cure. Too bad that man is Alex Krycek, their former lover. He's dead, but who is the man who looks like him working at K-2?

Controlled Substances by Kel 205K
Rating: NC-17
Classification: X, H, MSR
Summary: Those nanites have to go. Skinner is willing to risk it all to be free of the microscopic parasites that Krycek uses to control him.

Convergence by Kristen K2 23K
Rating: PG-13
Classification: Angst
Summary: For years she'd watched Alex and Walter standing across the battlefield from each other, swords drawn across the other's throat.

A Day in the Life by Kristen K2 3K
Rating: PG
Classification: V, 155 words
Summary: What happens in the outer office during meetings in Skinner's.

Defining Territory by Donnilee 110K
Rating: NC-17
Classification: Rape and violence
Summary: Skinner and Follmer fight over the best Administrative Assistant in the Bureau, causing some unsavory information to be uncovered about Kimberly's new boss.

Destination: Truth by Billie Reid & Kyouryoku Senshi 73K
Rating: PG-13
Classification: Mulder/Scully Romance, Doggett/Reyes Romance, Kim/Skinner Romance
Summary: What happened to Monica and John at the end of The Truth? Did they meet up with some old friends? Either way, they go on a journey with an outcome that neither of them could have ever expected.

Elevator Shoes by Kristen K2 26K
Rating: PG
Classification: Humor
Summary: Mulder gets a lesson he won't soon forget.

For Better or Worse by Billie Reid 62K
Rating: NC-17
Classification: Violence
Summary: Kim is going through a rough time and Walter's there for her.

Forbidden Fruit by Kristen K2 8K
Rating: PG
Classification: Skinner/Kim UST
Summary: Grapes are the perfect fruit. What happens when they go out of season?

Here and Now by Billie Reid 24K
Rating: PG
Classification: S
Summary: What if a secret was just found out?

Hi-ho Silver by Kristen K2 35K
Rating: R for language
Classification: V, humor, Krycek POV
Summary: Even bad guys recognize a hero when they see one.

I Notice These Things by Jean Helms 17K
I Notice These Things II 32K
Rating: PG
Classification: VRA, MSR, S/Sk (very mild and soon over), and a wee bit o' casefile
Summary: Accept no substitutes.

In Her Capable Hands by Scifinerdgrl 1K
Rating: R
Classification: V
Summary: Skinner muses on a piece of Kim's anatomy.

In the Closet by Gwendolyn & Dasha K 30K
Rating: NC-17
Classification: SRH
Summary: A closet, some smut, a surly man and a morning meeting.

Jaded by Donnilee 52K
Rating: NC-17
Classification: S
Summary: Skinner's sick. Kimberly takes care of him, in more ways than one.

Just a Secretary by Xanthe 44K
Rating: PG
Classification: S, R, A
Summary: Kim has reason to believe that Skinner is in danger - but how can she help him?

Life Happens 1 & 2 by Billie Reid 8K
Rating: R
Classification: Rape, AU, Pre-XF
Summary: Skinner and Kim meet when he saves her from a rapist. Years later, she goes to work for him.

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