From the Desk of Kimberly Cook

Welcome to the outer office of Assistant Director Walter Skinner.
Please take a seat and try not to fidget while you wait.

Here you will find stories dedicated to Kimberly Cook, Skinner's personal assistant. Phile writers have been perennially fascinated by Kim and her relationship with her boss. She's probably appeared in more fics than episodes, attesting to our enduring curiosity about her. This site is divided into one section of stories that feature Kim on her own, in relationships with Others, or observing the goings-ons in the Hoover building, and a second section specifically for romance fics involving The Surly Burly One. So if you know of any stories that belong here and aren't, please email me and suggest them.

Many of these stories are extremely old, so be aware that the email addresses on them may not work. If any author finds a story here that they don't want included in the archive, let me know and we'll discuss it. Above all, enjoy the fic!

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