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Amicable Intent by KatyBlue 29K
Rating: PG-13
Classification: SA, Kim POV
Summary: The juxtaposition of well-meaning concern with the more malevolent intent that can be found in the workplace.

The Art of Living by Haven 25K
Rating: PG
Classification: Implied Skinner/Krycek
Summary: Skinner helps out a friend and discovers that Krycek is alive and well.

Borrowed Time by Azar 30K
Rating: PG-13
Classification: Doggett/Kim
Summary: Living on borrowed time is still living if you have someone to share it with.

The Cartoon by virtue_fluttering 14K
Rating: PG-13
Classification: Kim POV
Summary: A less than flattering drawing of Mulder and Scully in a less than flattering position is floated throughout the office.

Circle of Isolation by Kelly Keil 5K
Rating: PG
Classification: UST
Summary: She is the best damn secretary ever.

Defending the Fortress by Kristen K2 1K
Rating: PG
Classification: Missing scene
Summary: What might have happened to change Doggett's mind about trusting Skinner. Or, Kim kicks some ass in 155 words.

Devil at the Crossroads by Spica 63K
Rating: R
Classification: SA, Krycek/Kim
Summary: Kim gets an unexpected visitor. He's had a very bad day.

Friends in Hard Times by Emily M 6K
Rating: PG
Classification: SA, Jeffrey/Kim friendship
Summary: They have a lot in common.

The Gravity of Stars by Spica 17K
Rating: NC-17
Classification: VA, Krycek/Kim
Summary: Reality catches up with hubris. Humility ensues.

Happiness series by shawntaw [External link]
Rating: PG
Classification: UST - RST
Summary: A newly discovered happiness following a fancy FBI event.
NOTE: The link contains the entire series on its own page. Chapters that include Kim Cook begin with The Gang's All Here.

In Other Context by Mary Greten 9K
Rating: PG
Classification: Not provided
Summary: Kim takes a memo from Skinner to Doggett cc Scully.

A Man Apart by Kristen K2 3K
Rating: R
Classification: Jeffrey/Kim
Summary: Maybe he was giving her the only gift he could.

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